MISINIEC company – manufacturer of wooden doors, is pleased to offer You a wide selection of wooden doors for external and internal use.

Our doors are made of 100% natural wood. It is a unique raw material, unequaled in its durability and an impossible to copy natural beauty.

We provide a wide selection of designs and you choose the right model. However, the final appearance of the door you ordered is entirely up to you. By selecting the model, color and type of glass, shade of paint or varnish you create an individual project, we are only trying to implement it and to deliver a perfect door, custom made especially for you.

Our doors are painted with eco-friendly water based varnish, which naturally emphasizes the original structure of the wood.

High quality materials used in the production, original design, and reliable workmanship are undoubtedly the key advantages of our products.

Take a look at the full selection of our products and services, among which you will find wooden houses, window sills, door frames, wooden boards, eco-friendly fuel - briquettes, as well as sawmill services and timber drying.